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The International Conference IDT'2015 is next Conference after the International Conference on Digital Technologies that was held in Zilina traditionally. The aim of the conference is to bring together researches, developers, teachers from academy as well as industry working in all areas of information technologies. Young researchers and postgraduate PhD students are greatly welcome to participate in this event. The special section for such presentations will be at the Conference. Beside the scientific field, several cultural and social events are planned for the enjoyment of conference attendees.

Papers presented at the Conference and included in the IDT 2015 Proceedings will be considered for indexing in IEEEXplore, Scopus and Web of Science. The previous Conferences (DT 2013 and DT 2014) organized by the organizational team of IDT 2015 were indexed in IEEEXplore, Scopus and Web of Science.

Letter of the organizational team of DT2014

The International Conference DT'2014 was jubilee. This event was held 10 times. In time of the last event we understood, that this Conference needs development and reorganization. Therefore we discussed the preparation of new conference. Firstly, it is a change of the Conference title. Most of the Conference presentations correlated with the area of Information Technologies. Therefore, the word “Information” in title is the principal specification in the Conference aims. Secondly, the Conference will be held in different countries and not only in Zilina. We are going to have this Conference in Poland in 2016 and in Czech Republic in 2017. We hope that this decision increases the Conference dissemination. Thirdly, the special workshops will define the Conference aims. The Conference DT included three Workshops: Biomedical Technologies, Reliability Technologies and Green Computing & Communication. These three areas will be at the next conference too. We hope that all these modifications increase the Conference level.

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